Working for you and the community.

As a cooperative, everything we do—investing in technology and serving regionally—is for you. That’s a promise. And instead of private or corporate ownership, many who purchase from us are automatic cooperative members.

To represent your ownership we have a board of directors with each director elected to serve your interests. They are responsible for guidance and working with management.

Your directors are listed below. Please join us in thanking them for their service to your community and the cooperative!

Back Row: Marcus Meder, Keith Sellner, Eugene Ouren (Resigned in 2024), Tom Murphy, Paul Beckman, Peter Hoff
Front Row: Bonnie Denzel, Joyce Herbranson, Candy Catoe

Keith Sellner, President

Bonnie Denzel, Vice President

Candy Catoe, Secretary

Paul Beckman

Joyce Herbranson

Peter Hoff

Marcus Meder

Tom Murphy

Eugene Ouren
(Resigned in 2024)