mysafeTnet puts you in control of your network.

Security Features • Network Performance • Traffic Prioritization

With mysafeTnet you will not only have the latest and greatest in Wi-Fi technology, but you will also have the ability to manage your Wi-Fi experience while adding a layer of protection to your home network. Anti-virus and content filtering are just a couple of features that come with mysafeTnet. You will also receive:

  • The ability to pause the internet, set schedules, prioritize devices, and activities.
  • Notifications and tracking of web threats, intrusions, and blocked viruses to keep your home devices safe.
  • An intuitive interface to categorize your digital life into people, places, and things!
  • Bandwidth testing directly from your home router to ensure that your internet is running at optimum speed.

With mysafeTnet you are put in the driver’s seat of your home network data, devices, and security.


With mysafeTnet, web treats are not nearly as threatening! mysafeTnet helps protect your home network against a host of malicious content that originates from the global internet and alerts you of activity that could compromise your network.


With mysafeTnet, you will have peace of mind knowing you are protected against intrusions on your home network. In addition, intrusive content will be prevented from causing harm to your home devices and private data.


From malware to viruses, mysafeTnet has you covered. With mysafeTnet’s integrated malware and virus detection system your home network will have another layer of protection that compliments other anti-virus applications. If malicious content is detected from a home device, you will receive an alert and the traffic will be blocked.


Park Region provides customers with the latest technology. The GigaSpire router is designed to work seamlessly with mysafeTnet giving you control of your home network. With its Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, customers receive the most advanced wireless experience and complete coverage everywhere in your home.


With mysafeTnet you can run bandwidth tests on your home router from anywhere, inside or outside your home, to ensure you are receiving an optimal internet experience.


You can select filters to remove access to categories of content on the Internet. Filters can be set up for specific applications or websites to limit the amount of time that is allowed each day. Each profile can be restricted to its own access including safe searches and content restrictions.


Not all devices need 24/7 access to the network. Because of this, you are able to set schedules that allow a device access to your home network only when you want it. This includes the time of day or week, the choice is yours!


You can manually pause the internet activity to devices assigned to a profile. Internet activity can also be paused through an individual device rather than pausing it for all devices.


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