Communication you can count on.

Landline phone service is all about reliability and peace-of-mind.

Feel more connected because:

  • You can have a phone in every room.
  • It’s always working (99.999% reliable).
  • No need to worry about charged batteries.
  • No need to worry about signal strength.
  • Location ID 911 (when you cannot speak in an emergency, just dial and rescue officials will be on their way).
  • Perfect for homes with children and older adults.
  • Your corded phone works even when power is out.
  • When cellular towers go down or get jammed (and they do), our phones work. It’s true peace of mind!
  • Get automatically listed in the regional directory so friends can find you.
  • Caller ID, and telemarketing blocks available.
  • Get affordable service plans when bundled with TV and internet.


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