To improve access to 911 emergency services, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted backup power obligation rules for any service provider utilizing fiber optic or other nonpowered media to provide voice services to residential homes. The requirements include an obligation to offer subscribers the option to purchase backup power sufficient to operate the terminal located at the subscriber’s home for a minimum of 8 hours in standby mode.

Park Region’s phone service is delivered in one of two ways, over traditional copper wires or via fiber optic cable. In instances where fiber to the home (FTTH) is utilized, Park Region provides a battery backup solution, free of charge, at the time of installation for voice customers only.* This solution will provide the customer with 12 hours of talk time and 24 hours of standby power when new and fully charged.

How does the battery backup work? Under normal operating conditions, subscribers have access to all services including voice, video, and broadband data without interruption. However, when commercial power is interrupted, the fiber terminal will change to emergency standby mode and disable video and broadband data services while continuing to provide voice service and, more specifically, access to emergency 911 service until power is restored. Disabling video and broadband services extends the time the optical network terminal (ONT), provided by Park Region, can deliver access to emergency services.

Even though Park Region provides this solution at the point of installation, the battery is considered customer equipment and is therefore maintained by the customer. However, the unit that houses the battery remains the property of Park Region. Without proper maintenance, access to 911 services could be lost if commercial power is not available. The average lifespan of the backup battery is three years. Therefore, it is recommended that subscribers plan to replace their backup battery on a three-year cycle. Park Region customers can replace the battery themselves by following the directions below or an appointment can be scheduled to have a qualified technician replace the battery for a fee of $100.00. Contact our offices at 218.998.2000 or 218.826.6161 or email to schedule an appointment.

*Consumer broadband only (CBOL) customers do not receive a standby power solution since the solution only works with voice services.

Where to purchase replacement batteries

How to replace the battery in a CyberPower

This is what the CyberPower device looks like.


On the side where the cables are is where the battery compartment is located.


To access the battery, push in on the tab while pushing down to slide the cover down and off.


Slide the cover completely off and set aside.


Slide battery partially out until you have access to the terminals.


Disconnect the terminals by sliding them off.


Remove battery by sliding it completely out.

Slide new battery partially in and connect terminals to new battery. Make note of the colors on the terminals and match them up.

Slide new battery completely into compartment.

Replace cover removed earlier by sliding it back up into place.

How to replace the power supply on a CyberPower

The CyberPower unit to be replaced is shown on the right.

Unplug the cord on the side of the ONT that goes to the CyberPower.

Unplug the other CyberPower cord that plugs into the electrical outlet.


This is a side view showing the cord and the tab that needs to be pressed in to remove the cord from the ONT.


Another view of the tab that needs to be pressed in to remove cord.


This is what the new power supply looks like.


This is a view of the connector that plugs into the ONT.


Plug cord into ONT. Note the orientation of the tab on the plug, goes to the back side of the ONT.


Plug the power brick end into a power outlet.

The ONT should have lights coming on while it boots up.