It’s Important To Understand The Rural Call Completion Issue

Are long-distance calls not getting through to you? Many people in rural America are experiencing intermittent problems receiving long-distance phone calls from across the country. You may have encountered any of the following:

  • Someone tells you he/she tried to call you but the call didn’t get through, or the caller heard ringing but you didn’t.
  • A call came through to you but the quality was poor.
  • A call came through but the Caller ID was incorrect.

The problem starts with the long-distance carrier used by the customer who makes the call, and can only be resolved by this carrier. Local telecommunications providers, such as Park Region Telephone are not the cause of the problem. We strive to provide excellent service at all times, and are as frustrated as you are by the illegal practices of some long-distance carriers and their agents.

It is illegal for long-distance carriers to block, choke, or reduce long distance traffic and that this prohibition also includes any practices that lead to call termination or call quality problems as well.

Click here for more information on the call completion issue or to file a complaint with the FCC. We’ll continue to monitor this situation and keep you updated. As always, please contact us if you have concerns or questions.