Where/to whom is this service available?

A: At this time it is available to customers in select areas. Call us at 998-2000 to check availability in your home.

Will you have to re-wire my home?

A: We will try to use existing wiring wherever possible, but if your wiring is incompatible with our service, we may have to re-wire. Technically, Cat 5 cable to each TV location is required though we are sometimes able to use products that allow us to use existing coaxial cable.

If I’m building a new home, what type of wiring should I install to be compatible with this service?

A: Install Cat 5 cable to each possible TV location.

Do I need a set top box for each TV?

A: You will need to subscribe to one video stream for each TV on which you wish to have unique programming. You may share programming between televisions with one set top box.

If I share the signal from one set top box to another TV will my remote control work at both TVs?

A: No, the remote will work only at the set top box. However, remote control extenders are available from electronics stores/departments. If you need an additional remote handset, we will stock those in our offices at a price of $29.95 plus tax.

Where does the modem need to be placed if I am also going to subscribe to high-speed Internet?

A: Wiring needs to run from the modem to your TV(s) and to your computer in this instance. You can choose a central location and run wiring to both the TV(s) and the computer from there, or you may choose to place it at the TV and run wire to the computer or vice versa.

Do I need Caller ID on my phone line in order for Caller ID on my TV screen to work? Or vice versa?

A: Yes. We add Caller ID to the line in order to make Caller ID TV Screen Pop to work.