Where/to whom is this service available?

A: prtvnow! is available to anyone residing within our service area and is served with a minimum of 10Mbps Internet service. For the best service we recommend subscribing to at least 25mbps service. This will allow HD video streaming service plus satisfactory Internet browsing.

Will I have to Re-wire my home?

A: No. prtvnow is delivered throughout your home over a Wi-Fi network. Park Region and Otter Tail Telcom recommend leasing a Wi-Fi router. A trained technician will survey the home and place the router in the ideal location providing the best service. If necessary, Wi-Fi extenders can be added to the network ensuring complete whole-home coverage.

Do I need a set top box for each TV?

A: No. prtvnow! requires an Amazon Fire TV device (Recommended) or an Apple TV (see list of supported devices). The prtvnow! app can be downloaded to these devices including tablets and phones. Really nearly any Internet connected device with an Android or IOS operating system.

Can I share my account with family in different locations within the service area?

A: Unfortunately, no. Content owners have stipulated that viewing be limited to the home. The one exception is recorded content can be viewed from anywhere.

Will my Firestick work in at another address or location?

A: No. Service is limited to the home address named on the account.

What do I need to get started?

A: All that’s needed is a free Amazon online account, a valid email address, an Amazon Fire TV Stick and in Wi-Fi service connected to a high-speed Internet connection.

What features are available with prtvnow! service?

  • Nearly all services are available in high definition (HD).
  • Restart & Replay. Many programs allow the restart of a program in progress or the ability to look back as far as 72 hours to replay a program you missed.
  • Each account is configured with 50 hours of digital video recording (DVR).
  • Search by program title, channel name or channel number. Recent searches are stored for quick use in the future.
  • Create up to five viewing profiles, each for its own personalized experience. Parental controls available for individual profiles.